This style file formats bibliographies stored in BibTeX files and produced by LaTeX documents. This bibliography illustrate the output of the style file.


  • bibliography.bst – Style file to format bibliographies produced by LateX documents. Must be included in the same folder as the LaTeX document. The bibliography must be stored in a BibTex document (.bib format).

How to use

  • Add bibliography.bst to the folder with your LaTeX files.
  • Insert \bibliographystyle{bibliography} in the preamble of your document to call bibliography.bst.
  • Insert \usepackage{natbib} in the preamble of your document to call the natbib.sty package, which is used to cite references and produce the bibliography (this package is part of standard LaTeX distributions).
  • Insert \bibliography{bibliography} at the end of the document to produce the bibliography. All the references cited in the text must be in a BibTex file bibliography.bib. The BibTeX file must be in the same folder as the other LaTeX files.


As much as possible the style file follows the guidelines from the Chicago Manual of Style . The style file is based on the style file econ.bst, which was created by Shiro Takeda and is available on GitHub .