This template produces minimalist academic presentations with LaTeX Beamer. This newsletter post explains the design choices made in the template. This presentation illustrates the output of the template.


  • presentation.tex – Skeleton of the presentation. Fill it out with the content of your presentation. By compiling presentation.tex you obtain this PDF file .
  • presentation.sty – LaTeX style file collecting all the formatting commands. Must be included in the same folder as presentation.tex.

Key features

  • The font for text, roman math, and numbers is Source Sans Pro .
  • The font for Greek and calligraphic math is Euler .
  • No colors are used in the text (only grayscale) to reduce distraction.
  • Colors are reserved for graphs and alerts.
  • Margins, spacing, and font size are set for comfortable reading.
  • There are no frills at the periphery of the slides.


As much as possible the template follows Matthew Butterick’s wonderful typographical advice in Practical Typography —especially the section on presentations .